The abbreviation AEO stands for “Authorised Economic Operator.” It is a status granted to an economic operator as a concept that is based on the partnership between customs and business. The AEO is used to determine a reliable and trustworthiness of the economic operator.

The reliability of the AEO will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Compliance with customs legislation
  • Satisfactory accounting system
  • Solvency and appropriate security standards

The status allows companies to obtain simplified procedures for security-related customs controls and / or simplifications in accordance with customs legislation. There are different certificates that allow different permissions:

  • AEO authorisation “Customs Simplifications” (AEOC)
  • AEO grant “Security” (AEOS)
  • AEO authorisation “Customs Simplifications and Security” (AEOC and AEOS – the so-called combined authorisation)

Global Freight Connections Limited are currently seeking AEO accreditation.